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Should Fundamentalists be permitted to build and operate schools?

Seriously, if a school is a place where the learning, insights, judgments, and traditions of one generation are explained and passed to the next, why should we expect Fundamentalists to operate schools? Isn’t that unfair to them?

Might it not be preferable for one to get his education at a school, and then get his scruples, convictions, eccentricities, qualms, suspicions, idiosyncrasies, whimsicalities, presuppositions, fads, resentments, prejudices, and superstitions at a place more sensitive to the rages and frenzies of the moment? The sort of thing we can all witness here?

Perhaps American religion might be significantly improved if we used schools for the purposes intended and used summer camps for religious instruction. This is where yoots could be taught valuable gifts of the Spirit like popsicle stick crafts, horseback riding, canoeing, zip-line riding, no-point Calvinism, volleyball, tubing, Arsh music, acting like an idiot for the glory of God, skit-watching…. 

And at the end of the week a campfire could be built at a safe location and the yoots, brimming with the excitement of the previous six days, could be cajoled into throwing twigs on the fire as a symbol of their deep religious commitments and as a public vow of cultic solidarity.

Give this some serious thought.


Whose Hopes and Dreams?

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“Northland International University, an evangelical Christian school located in Dunbar, Wisconsin, will become the first campus outside of Louisville for Boyce College, Southern’s undergraduate school. The action is effective Aug. 1, 2015.”


This is important not just for Southern Seminary and not just for the cause of Christian higher education, but for the cause of Christ and the future of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is exactly the kind of development that Southern Baptists should celebrate. In particular, Southern Baptists should be both humbled and deeply encouraged by the fact the trustees of Northland entrusted the future of their hopes and dreams in Southern Seminary and Boyce College precisely because of the theological commitments made at such cost by the Southern Baptist Convention.


So did the Northland International Overarching Entity ever reclaim authentic Fundamentalism?


Foreign Gods

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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.


I have never believed that travel broadens the mind: some of the most narrow-minded people I know travel a lot. Politicians travel a lot; where does it get them? Putting a narrow mind on a boat or a plane for a couple of days does not make it broad.

But I do agree with St. Augustine that travel at least invites us to turn the page.

I and the helpmeet spent a fair amount of time keeping it between the ditches of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Friends kept it between the ditches going to a couple of perfectly respectable canyons and one grand canyon, which, by the way, is an international experience. I heard more languages on the canyon rim than I ever did visiting the UN building in my home town. A girl from Paris had me take her picture at Mather Point, and a couple of Arabs had me take their picture overlooking Sedona. Interestingly, no wars ensued.

But nothing beats putting your head on your own pillow, and I have done that for several nights now and I think the experience is wonderful.

Now we are back home reading the gibberings of evanjellicles on a regular basis and having our minds broadened with the worship of very strange deities of very different natives.

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Whatsoever Things Are Pure?

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Evangelicals, again, speak when the most important thing we should hear from them is the silence of the tomb.

Here C. Michael Patton, president of Credo House Ministries, expresses his profound knowledge of the human heart and good and evil.


There are other issues involved, I know. Is this or that evil behavior gratuitous? Is the entertainment meant to be historical? These are all issues to think about. But what I have found is that these three questions cover most issues, whether it be movies, songs, or any other way we engage in entertainment.


Serious Reflection on the Beauty of the Gospel

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Garrett Kell is the young pastor of Del Ray Baptist Church (where Shai Linne is an assistant pastor). Presumably Garrett is the sort of pastor capable of what David Wells calls “serious reflection on the world”. Here the young skoller dithers theologically on the important question, Can I Ever Wear My Adrian Peterson Jersey Again?

It’s probably a very important question.

What it does mean is that we must never forget that Jesus is the only One who will never put us to shame when we associate with Him (Psalm 25:3, Romans 10:11). In fact, He is the One who graciously covers the shameful sins of all those who draw close to Him in faith.

Christ is the never-failing One who promises grace and forgiveness to any who believe in Him. This promises is extended to child abusers, greedy executives, and hypocritical self-righteous preachers like me.

That is the beauty of the Gospel. Jesus is the hero who rescues us from the depths of our sin and now promises to never leave those who come to Him (John 6:37). No other person can ever promise that.

So whether Garrett wears Adrian Peterson’s jersey again he can’t yet say for certain, but whichever he does, he has a lot of biblical proof that it would be ok. Garrett clearly demonstrates a deepening study of the Word and quite a serious reflection on the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

It appears we’re all in junior church now.


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