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Joe Carter makes a fool of himself regularly on TGC website, and he does so in his official capacity as an “editor”.

In this first of a series of nonsense posts, Carter tries to explain what TGC is doing. Obviously there is a felt need for this explanation. A careful reader will be amused to learn what it is Joe thinks TGC is doing.

You really ought to read it. (An interesting exchange between Joe Carter and Phillip Johnson follows.)

It is a pretty common thing, I think, for serious Christians just to laugh off TGC with a crack like, “Well what did you expect? they’re Evanjellicles!”. In this case I think it is worth a double-take: this is what a TGC spokesman admits to.

I also think we can be entertained by Carter’s views on fake journalism.

I leave you to reflect on this admission:


“My role as an explanatory journalist is to ‘make complicated things clear, quickly’ by reinserting some of the missing context. Again, this doesn’t take any unique skill. I’m able to do this not because of my own specialized knowledge but merely because I have the time, willingness, and patience to dig through a backlog of material to put together a few key details that might be useful to a casual consumer of news.”


I agree that what Carter does takes no unique skill—and he demonstrates none.

I agree that he has no specialized knowledge; in fact, I would say that fact is glaringly obvious and needn’t have been mentioned.

I agree that all he brings to his work is time, willingness and patience to dig through selected material to put his english on whatever pop nonsense blows across his desk.

Ask yourselves, during the course of the next few pieces, Is it is a good thing that Evanjellicles want this?

Do we need mediocre intellects offering banal explanations of the obvious to “casual consumers of news”?


Also Not a Fruit of the Spirit

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It remains to be explained how Bible-reading people can talk such nonsense in public.

It also remains to be seen how long clowns like Tim Keller, Bill Hybels, Joel Hunter, Leith Anderson, and Daniel Akin will remain celebrities in good standing with American Christians.

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Being Stupid Is Not a Gift of the Spirit

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And this is what happens when Evangelicals don’t shut up.

If only they’d followed my earlier advice and kept their traps shut.

(And this linked on the same Evanjellicle site that fawned all over Martin Luther King, Jr.)


What Will Replace Evangelicalism?

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I suspect the Evangelical church—if we can call it a church* with a straight face—is going the way of the Democratic Party. I suspect it, like the American Left, cannot walk back the sentiments it has expressed in the heats of passion.

Neither group has the gift of reflection and self-criticism, and both will attempt to double down on their errors in judgment.

When that happens, and when it occurs to church-goers that they have lost the consolations and encouragements of a serious religious life, when the emptiness of soul begins to crush their lives, where will they turn? Some conspicuous personalities have turned to the Catholic Church, the Eastern Church, etc., but the typical middle-class, scrunchy-faced, entertainment besotted pew-warmer is not likely to wrap himself in a self-vindicating change of venue.

Where will he go and what will he be seeking?


*  You might read three typical and representative pieces offering the glib sensibilities of modern Evangelicalism:


Mikey Wears Diaper Bling

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Laughter certainly has to be the best medicine.

One choice Religious Flake (and hysterical consumer of fake news) solemnizes his post-11/9 breakdown here:

Even if Trump doesn’t/can’t carry through all the terrible things he repeatedly vowed to do to Muslims, immigrants, POC, women, and LGBTQ folks – and its unconscionable that so many Americans voted for him, thinking/hoping he could – the cultural validation he gives those who take his words and translates them into action is chilling.

Billy responds in the comment column: 

I’d always hoped that we were building, building, building toward being a better society, but in actuality we’ve been paving over issues that were never solved. It has to be all ripped up, dug out and made firm before we can even start building again.


More shovel-ready jobs!




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