A Little Help Over Here!

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I must admit to a little discomfort these days.  I’ve been watching more television only because of the recent apocalyptic election. The Hive is acting like a bunch of creeps standing outside the Ladies Room watching the women emerge and making rude comments about their suitability as females.

“Reporters” have collected around the Trump Tower, they are watching people emerge from the elevators, and they are passing judgment on them as to their suitability for a cabinet post. They are offering little biographical vignettes and causes for concern about the loss of our personal freedoms, blah, blah, blah. They don’t know why anybody is there, they don’t know who is being considered and for what, but they are certain America needs to worry because the fate of the world hangs on these choices.

But I must insist on worrying about something much more important.

During the commercial breaks I noticed an ad for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I confess I don’t know what in the world to make of the movie. I hope The Gospel Concoction soon has some guidance for us as Christians. 

What is the Christian message in the film?

  • Where is the Gospel in the storyline?
  • Who is the redeemer-figure?
  • What does the movie tell us about our culture?
  • What valuable Kingdom Truths will emerge that we can discuss with the unchurched around the water cooler?
  • After going to this movie, how can I relate Biblical values to my neighbor down the street as he walks his dog?

Let us hope some guru at TGC is on top of this and will supply some answers to these important questions so we can do more of this cultural engagement thingy that has become so important to us.



The Approaching Calm

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Perhaps the serenity is no bigger than a man’s hand, but the winds are beginning to subside.

The blowhards are still there, still drawing paychecks, and still defending the unjustifiable, but they’ve taken a painful blow to their middle parts, they are gasping for air, they are trying to stand up straight, and they are primping for the cameras as though their place in the world still exists.

Humorous and pathetic. And ironic, which is always a special treat for me; something to go into my 2016 Prayer of Thanksgiving for sure.

The nation has looked like a playpen. Or an asylum. More like an asylum.

There is still a lot more grousing to come of course, still some street violence to demonstrate one’s deepest personal virtues, but still, the Season of Idiots appears to have run its course, and the idiots have won handily.

As I prophesied.

But Bach still speaks to us, Dvorák, Rachmaninoff, Dante, Blake….



Sentimental Preflight

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I wonder how many of these indicator lights Jesus checked before he spoke in the world.

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Gospel Hope

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Like all great stories, though, the most important part of this one is that it can serve as a picture of gospel hope in miniature. The Cubs’ saga, because the drought was so much longer and more desperate than any other North American professional sports franchise, actually illustrates that hope uniquely. Think of it: more than a century of constant struggle, doubt, and disappointment. Hopes for a glorious and cathartic future of which we'll all be an emotionally and spiritually invested part, despite not being the main actors. 

We hope for we do not yet see, and our great God kindly gives us earthly windows into the glory that will come if we faint not (Gal. 6:9).


No one can trivialize holy things quite like an Evanjellicle. Here one of America’s small-market talking heads chatters briefly about earthly windows into glory.

Try not to laugh.


Why I Am Not an Evanjellicle & Why I Offer Heartfelt Condolences To All Those Who Are

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This is Derek.

Derek is trying to look not-awkward.

Personally, I don’t think Derek looks awkward at all, I think he looks like the typical hostage making a video while hooked up to electrodes. I was a little surprised he didn’t tell us he was being treated well by his captors.

(There is a valuable lesson here for those of even extremely modest intelligence: just because you have a camera and a blog does not mean you are qualified to make serious comment.)

Anyway, Derek is trying his hand at incomplete thoughts on something something Evanjellicle something church.

Watch and learn.


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