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An Afterword About Bindlestiff

  01/31/14 , by Dissidens, Categories: Bearings, About



While moving around the WWW you may have noticed that some bloggers voice expectations, observe conventions, and issue requirements. We don’t.

I thought we might put your mind at rest on that score by making explicit what ought to be understood by reasonable people.

First, you don’t have to give your real name. If you want to be known as Twitchee, that’s all you have to say, and no one here will think that it is odd or provocative or suspicious or annoying. There are a number of reasons rational people might want to protect their internet identity when talking about the things that interest us here, and I can’t think of a single one that is objectionable. Even if you’re hiding from the police, we don’t care. If the software ever prompts you for your real name, as far as we are concerned that is only because certain people weren’t clever enough to make more creative inquiries.

Second, you don’t have to register in order to comment. Our software does enable us to post to categories of readers: Public, Community, Members…but we haven’t used this function. Right now everything you see on the blog is seen by everybody. I don’t know if we will ever find a reason to discriminate, but if we get any nifty ideas, we will let you know and you can all form orderly lines and turn in the necessary forms at the appropriate window. But as for the commenting itself, the only people who should comment are people with something to say that advances the conversation, and the people who shouldn’t comment tend to be the people who never recognize they can’t. And these people generally interpret a request for non-participation as proof that their arguments are so compelling they can’t be answered and therefore must be censored.

Third, a lot of stupidity has been loosed on the earth by unbalanced folk who love to bemoan the fact that people often speak more freely online than they do in person: “People hiding behind internet anonymity say things they would never say to your face! [sniffle, sniffle]”

I shouldn’t have to invite you to speak your mind, but if you need an official invitation, you can print out this blog post on the card stock of your choice.

It ought to go without saying that a good man will think about what he wants to say, choose the words that best express his meaning and best convey a suitable tone.

Whiners gonna whine; we just deal with it.

Lastly, a post might provoke comments that wander somewhat afield. I wouldn’t worry about it. Staying on topic is what thinking, serious people tend to do, but there are exceptions to every tendency.

If a 35¢ post provokes a $3,000.00 exchange, we will try to accommodate the readers by creating a more conspicuous location for it.




Try to think of the blog as a conference: a place where interested parties confer.

I know there are “conferences” out there where tedious bobbleheads use a motto or a catchphrase as an excuse to meet in a large hall, hear their prejudices validated, share drinks in a lobby, visit local tourist sites, maybe gamble a bit, and have their picture taken to prove to their friends they are keeping up with the trends in the industry.

This is not that kind of conference. This is a conference where interested parties confer.

So now I’d like to conclude with a few thoughts on water baptism.

Oh—wait—that prolly doesn’t advance this conversation, does it? So I won’t say it.

See how that works?



Comment from: Jesse [Visitor]

Not to post something off-topic, but who drew the picture at the top of the page? Did they know you? This looks just like you, gait and all. I’ve enjoyed imagining this was drawn by Mrs. Dissidens after kicking you out of the house for being too ornery.

03/03/14 @ 20:11
Comment from: Dissidens [Member]  

That is the work of DeDe Willingham. We have never met, but I once had reason to send her a pic of my face. When I asked her for some artwork for Bindlestiff, the first thing she decided was that my face was definitely not the way to go, and she’s a professional, so….

Besides, this is the side of me most people prefer to see, and it only gets better when this side of me is getting smaller and smaller.

I think her decision was a good one.

It probably saved the blog.

03/03/14 @ 20:48

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