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  02/04/14 , by Dissidens, Categories: Bearings

All science culminates in theology and theosophy, all art becomes perfect in cultus.

—Philip Schaff


All over the earth Evangelicals are playing at culture and they think they want to “engage” it. This will make life very amusing for non-evangelicals and very troublesome for people with brains. Troublesome because Evangelicals have a history, and for them to be taken seriously on the subject will take remedial work on their part and patience on everyone else’s. Everyone else will have to take Job as their model for patience.

A reader recently cited Philip Schaff (privately), and the portion he quoted from is worth your reading if you haven’t already, re-reading if you have, and then some very tense thinking. If art does in fact become perfect in cultus, then modern Evangelicals have an awful lot of ‘splainin’ to do about what they mean by worship.

If you are an Evangelical and are uncomfortable in a library but still want to pursue this, you can discreetly check out the immediate passage online here, and you might want to take a run at the extended passage here.


Feeling and imagination are as much in need of redemption, and capable of sanctification, as reason and will.

Feeling and imagination have taken a cruel beating from Evangelicals: rented mules have been treated much better and in fact rented mules have set up a very generous relief fund called “Help For Evangelical Feelings and Imaginations”. You might want to consider making a substantial donation.


If Schaff is correct, how will you explain Amy Grant and Steve Pettit to the world? Would they come under the heading of unredeemed or unsanctified Christendom?

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