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A White Supremacist Reviews "Zootopia"

  03/08/16 , by Dissidens, Categories: Uncategorizable, it's so bad

One of my very favorite religious crackpots has got to be Jamie Arpin-Ricci. I’ve tried to find someone wackier than Jamie so I can revise my list. He went to the top of the list back in 2009, and I’m afraid that if he isn’t replaced pretty soon it will look like I just compiled a list of wackos and then made no effort whatsoever to keep it current.

So far it looks like any possible contenders are not really putting forth any meaningful effort.

Jamie is a semi-literate cleric (as you will see from his scribblings) who first earned my unflagging admiration when he tied three knots in his necklace. Each knot represented for him a vow; one knot for chastity, one knot for poverty, and one knot for obedience. Jamie did not make or keep these vows himself. With respect to these vows he is no different from every other reprobate in the world; he is not chaste, he is not poor, and he is not obedient. Nevertheless he distinguishes himself from every other reprobate in the world by wearing a necklace with three knots in it.

One might trust that when Jamie stands in line at the Last Doom, he will have that necklace.

This is what the religious imagination has come to in our day. A mere shallow, sentimental attitude is what passes for post-modern piety: devotionals on thigh gap, strategies for preaching funerals, personal testimonies of lingerie models, and knots in string.

Anyway, this self-confessed white supremacist went out and bought for himself a young black boy from Africa whom he named Micah. Jamie recently took Micah out for some improving Disney entertainment involving a rabbit and a fox, the fox having taken up a life of crime because—get this—that was the only option “society” afforded him:


“The story follows the unlikely friendship between a rabbit police officer- the first of her kind as part of an intentionally inclusive city hiring policy- and charming con-artist fox- who chose his life of petty crime because of societies [sic] refusal to give him any other options- as they work together to uncover a mysterious pattern of missing animals.”

Anyway, Jamie faults the film because it does not adequately represent his twisted views of racism.


“Throughout all of this there was an underlying theme that anyone can be subject to unfair bias and prejudice. While there is an element of truth to this, it fails to acknowledge the reality of large-scale, systemic ideologies and practices that are far from universally experienced. I believe that such a reality is the most important aspect of racism that most white people need to understand, and thus it’s [sic] failure to appear in this film- more than that, the presence of a false universality in the film- is very problematic.”


I don’t know if Jamie’s views matter to you, but if they do, stay well away from that racist movie, Zootopia!


Comment from: sasquatch_blanco [Member]  

This is what’s wrong with America in one sentence: …"there are few areas I hope we will be aware of and help our kids understand as they watch this movie and wrestle with the themes.”

Wrestle with themes? Of a Disney movie? I’ve seen the movie with child in tow. It was fun for the kids, but for most clear-thinking adults it was an obvious animated sermon for all things politically correct, lovingly packaged and delivered from Di$ney - the world’s leading purveyors of cartoon magic, white guilt and gay parades.

I was able to hold my nose at the movie’s eye-rolling PC agenda and have a good chuckle. The movie was funny, as I expect 90 minute cartoons to be, but I certainly didn’t wrestle with the themes. They were obvious, and any attempt to wrestle with them would only be an indication of a narcissistic need to appear deeper than a urinal cake. And then to pretend that children must also wrestle with them? Please.

Although they seem similar, being “deep” and “hitting the bottom” are very different concepts. Maye we should remind Jamie about this.

03/10/16 @ 10:57
Comment from: Dissidens [Member]  

Yes, Jamie is a theme-wrestler with a big shiny gold belt.

It amazes me how well cartoon movies have helped today’s deeply religious philosophers so effectively engage their culture. Wax on Frozen, Pierre on Inside Out, Arpin-Ricci on Zootopia….

There is a real renaissance going on in our intellectual circles.

Maybe even a move of the Holy Spirit?

03/10/16 @ 12:39

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