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The Weight of a Feather Will Crush It

  08/05/16 , by Dissidens, Categories: Evangelical culture

These days are what is known as a hard patch; times that are tough sledding for mature, stable, quiet, rational people. It is almost impossible to look out the window without seeing an apt subject for Bosch or Dali or Billy Childish.

We are in the middle of the Gadarene Sweepstakes and we know that no matter who survives this political spasm, we will have made exactly the wrong choice. 

In the confusion Evanjellicles work to misinterpret some Bible verses in the light of current events, and they can’t stop offering some clownish interpretation as they “unpack” an oafish epoch. They persist in thinking they are here to help God bring social reform, racial harmony, emotional well-being, sexual vitality, financial security, theological reformation, resolution to the heartbreak of lost thigh gap, feelings of self-worth, human flourishing….

Very tiresome.

We visited a church recently, Time Capsule Baptist Church I think the name was, where we were confronted by a woman who said she attended this church because she “liked” the old-fashioned preaching, and by old-fashioned preaching we all know she didn’t have in mind Savonarola, Luther, Whitefield, Spurgeon, or Tozer.

What is inevitably uppermost in the mind of an Evanjellicle is the reassuring feud between the old-fashioned and the new-fashioned, the war between the tired and the desperate, the change of wrinkles and the fierce alignments they demand of us.

There is a difference between the eternal and the perpetually ephemeral; I wonder if the Christian religion will ever recover that distinction.



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