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Still Waiting

  10/15/16 , by Dissidens, Categories: Evangelical culture

For nearly a month now I’ve been chafing more than I usually chafe. As a rule, any day unpolluted by trivial words from Trevin Wax is a very good day, but last month he threatened a lengthier response to the problems he and Andy Crouch perceive in the Evanjellicle phrase “cultural engagement”.

So while I kinda don’t need to hear what two philistines have to say about engaging culture, I have something of a personal interest in hearing the other shoe drop.

Trevin did say he would be offering a lengthier response, and I can well imagine that lengthier responses take more time that he is accustomed to set aside for his writing, but this long wait strikes me as pointless suspense.

I’m trying to be patient, but as I hear the boorish chatter from political gladiators, the arrogant trash-talking from sport heroes, and the frivolous twaddle from religious cranks, I’m thinking this would be an ideal time for some Evanjellicles to come up with something like a Five Year Plan For Our Engagement of Culture.

If any of you know Trevin Wax, or if you have his email addy, please remind him that some of us are eager to hear his considered thoughts on neighborhood, commonality, connecting points, assumptions, building relationships, or any other buzzwords he believes are integral to his understanding of Evanjellicle cultural engagement.

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