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A Little Help Over Here!

  11/19/16 , by Dissidens, Categories: Evangelical culture



I must admit to a little discomfort these days.  I’ve been watching more television only because of the recent apocalyptic election. The Hive is acting like a bunch of creeps standing outside the Ladies Room watching the women emerge and making rude comments about their suitability as females.

“Reporters” have collected around the Trump Tower, they are watching people emerge from the elevators, and they are passing judgment on them as to their suitability for a cabinet post. They are offering little biographical vignettes and causes for concern about the loss of our personal freedoms, blah, blah, blah. They don’t know why anybody is there, they don’t know who is being considered and for what, but they are certain America needs to worry because the fate of the world hangs on these choices.

But I must insist on worrying about something much more important.

During the commercial breaks I noticed an ad for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I confess I don’t know what in the world to make of the movie. I hope The Gospel Concoction soon has some guidance for us as Christians. 

What is the Christian message in the film?

  • Where is the Gospel in the storyline?
  • Who is the redeemer-figure?
  • What does the movie tell us about our culture?
  • What valuable Kingdom Truths will emerge that we can discuss with the unchurched around the water cooler?
  • After going to this movie, how can I relate Biblical values to my neighbor down the street as he walks his dog?

Let us hope some guru at TGC is on top of this and will supply some answers to these important questions so we can do more of this cultural engagement thingy that has become so important to us.



Comment from: the_divine_passive [Member]  

If you were wondering about the move The Arrival, the Gospel Consumers report to us that it is actually about Advent. I’ll have to take their word for it, not being a movie guy myself.

11/19/16 @ 10:09
Comment from: Dissidens [Member]  

Well, I wasn’t actually, but yeah, Brett is a real hoot.

Very ummmm, well, a hoot, I guess.

A Wheaton Hoot.

11/19/16 @ 10:40
Comment from: Unk [Visitor]

MAJOR GOSPEL OPPORTUNITY: there is a live feed of the elevators in Trump Tower on which probably some remarks which, who knows, maybe somebody can get saved from can be made. Surely there with so much gold there’s a Christian message there! It just needs someone with a Christian worldview to engage and transform for the glory of the kingdom.

11/21/16 @ 16:52
Comment from: Dissidens [Member]  

This does feel like an Evanjellicle moment.

Let’s hope Trump calls Mohler or Keller in for a word of prayer and spiritual counselling. Clearly the nation needs their opinions now more than ever.

11/21/16 @ 17:25

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