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Still Playing With Words

  05/03/17 , by Dissidens, Categories: Evangelical culture



Everything depends on what you mean by Gospel.



Comment from: a hungry soul [Visitor]  

That is appalling, since we have inspired, spelled-out revelation as to what the Gospel is and what it produces. Mr. Anyabwile seems to ignore the fact that it matters far more what the Gospel MEANS than what it means TO HIM. And, pray tell, how can one have a non-Gospel foundation that somehow produces Christian fruit? (Look, Dad, the grape I buried produced an apple tree!)

A recent fundie funeral sermon featuring a “123, repeat after me” prayer for a salvation utterly devoid of repentance and regeneration brought to mind Matthew 7:21-23. This does, too. Is it not time that judgment begins at the house of God? It is small wonder that we have more and more people being “won” to less and less Christianity.

05/03/17 @ 19:56
Comment from: Servo [Member]  

I was particularly struck by the opening sentence of the clip, “Well, I think it depends on what you mean by a gospel movement.” No man who holds the position of an undershepherd or stands in the pulpit in the Chief Shepherd’s church should ever leave room for any uncertainty as to the proper meaning and use of the term “gospel.” The same is true of the term “Christian.”

To have done so nonetheless is particularly ironic for a council member of an organization with “gospel” in its name and as its organizational focus.

Playing with words? Indeed! Appalling? Indeed!

05/03/17 @ 20:47
Comment from: Dissidens [Member]  

Thabiti Anyabwile would need to have an interminably long list of defenders before I would appear at the very bottom of it: I think he habitually drools piffle.

But I’m guessing he might try to distinguish between the Gospel (on which he might suppose he has a firm grasp) and a Gospel movement which entitles him to speak so vaguely and unhelpfully about ramifications and consequences that aren’t apparent to us and weren’t apparent to the millions of Gospel believers who lived before us and who never dreamed that the Gospel and the Civil Rights Movement shared any important principles.

But I’m just spit-balling for the sake of argument. I really don’t think he has a clear idea of the Gospel either, and certainly no clearer an idea than Martin Luther King did.

I wish he and his buds at TGC would develop for us their notion of what a “Gospel movement” is. Could the Modernism MLK embraced also be a Gospel movement?

Evangelicalism runs around trying to slap a proof text on every popular fad. In this case I would genuinely like to see Evanjellicles elaborate not just on the ends the Civil Rights Movement sought but also the means it used.

I’d love to see the Gospel connection for that.

05/03/17 @ 22:56

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