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The Angel Saith to Joseph Mild

  12/28/15 , by Dissidens, Categories: Poetry
The angel saith to Joseph mild, Fly with the Mother and the Child, Out of this land to Egypt go, Our heavenly Babe will have it so; For that His hour is not yet come To die for man’s redemption.   Proud Herod, he doth froth and frown, Feareth to loose k… more »
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Good People All, This Christmastime

  12/25/15 , by Dissidens, Categories: Poetry
Good people all, this Christmastime, Consider well and bear in mind What our good God for us has done In sending his beloved Son. With Mary holy we should pray To God, with love, this Christmas Day: In Bethlehem upon that morn There was a blessed Messia… more »
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I Saw a Swete Semly Sight

  12/24/15 , by Dissidens, Categories: Poetry
I saw a swete semly sight, A blissful birde, a blossum bright, That murnyng made, and mirth of mange.   A maydin moder, mek and myld, Incredil kep a knave child That softly slepe; sho sat and sange.     ---Fifteenth century more »
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A Risen King

  04/05/15 , by Dissidens, Categories: Poetry
See the tomb where death had laid him, Empty now its mouth declares; “Death and I could not contain him, For the throne of life he shares.” more »
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Glad New Year

  12/31/14 , by Dissidens, Categories: Poetry
    Glory to God in highest heaven, Who unto man His Son hath given; While angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.   ---Martin Luther more »
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